[BDP] Big Dick Problems

Updated: 2024-06-17

Changelog 1.8_5.0 :

Fixed interactions that shouldn't be available on unwanted species, as well as between relatives (such as : insult dick size and send a dick pick).
Removed "Pee with manliness" interaction from the mod. The interaction is now part of my KMI mod. You can use my pee mod replacer in the meantime.
Fixed an LE log error.



How it works :


  • You need to add one of the new wicked attributes from Wickedwhims : Big Dick DNA or Small Dick DNA. There is also a trait called Size Queen for sims that enjoy Big Dick. However, that trait can also be earn while having sex a lot of times with sims having a big dick dna.
  • Off-springs could inherits from the size of the dick of their parent when they became teens.
  • Sims with a Big Dick trait will get an hidden buff (used to be a confident moodlet but I decided to change it completely). It has many gameplay like having issue peeing while sitting, making others sims envious (especially those with a small dick) and more. There's too much things to list so it's probably better that you discover it yourself.
  • Sims with the small dick wicked attribute DNA


New feature :


  • Likes/Dislikes big dick/small dick influence gameplay features.


  • The feature that is influenced directly by those attractiveness trait you have to pick in CAS as shown above, or via the cheat command (shift + click on a sim, then under "Big Dick Problems") is the sending a dick pic to others sims. The interaction is fully animated.


  • If a sim with a big dick send a dick pic to someone that don't likes either dick size, the outcome will always be negative.


  • If a sim with a big dick send a pic to someone that likes big dick size, the outcome will be positive in general.


  • If a sim with a small dick send a pic to someone that likes small dick, the outcome will be positive in general.




  • Sims may also invite over your sim for some sexy action, there is a chance that this can happen after sending a dick pic and if the outcome is positive.


This feature is still experimental so I need you to try the mod in full and report if there's any bugs!

Future plans :

Adding back "Big Dick Energy" situation occurance. 
Removing more unnecessary tunings and cleaning them up.

Adding more custom animations and gameplay features.

Adding more big dick problems.

Changing icons so they are more gender neutral.

And more !


Do not redistribute
Do not reproduce
Do not do anything related to that mod without my permissions (if you want to translate, you are free to do so, but you can't re-publish this mod alongside your trad).

Translations :



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