Update – WickedWhims v178c

Supported game versions:
1.105.345 (March 6)


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🟣 Update information about fixes & improvements to this release is located to the bottom.


————— v178a [2024-02-12] —————


Passionate Romance
  • Added 4 new unique passionate romance interactions
  • Added passion boosting and passion withdrawal

Have you ever thought that it would be nice to have more romantic interactions? Maybe something more passionate, something that hits the spot, something that makes you feel the love.

Passionate moments come with electrifying boosts, but neglect them for a while and that will come with consequences. To access the new passionate romantic interactions you need at least 75% of the romance bar. I'm not going to bore you with more explaining, load up the game and give it a try.

⭐ Thank you to GreyNaya for producing the animations! If you don't already know them, you're missing out! Check out GreyNaya's work and consider supporting them!

GreyNaya on Patreon
GreyNaya on WickedCC



Sex Devices [Lovense]

  • Support for Lovense sex toys in Game Mode

Quite some time ago I was approached by Lovense and asked if I am interested in making WickedWhims connect with their sex toys. I was intrigued by the idea of added functionality to sex, so I agreed to do it.

You can now connect your Lovense sex toys to WickedWhims and enjoy the experience in a whole new way!

Simply connect your Lovense sex toys to the Lovense Remote app on mobile or PC and then connect WickedWhims to the app. To access the feature in-game, enable 'Lovense Sex Devices Support' in Sex Settings -> Sex Interaction -> Sex Devices settings.

I would like to expand and improve the level of sex toys interactivity with sex in-game, so let me know if you're willing to provide feedback on how you think this feature could function better.

If you're thinking of purchasing a Lovense sex toy, then consider using my affiliate store link which earns me a commission from purchases. Profits will be split between donating to charities and keeping the WickedCC website free and accessible for all. I will discuss choice in charities with you all in the future.



Insatiably Lustful Wicked Attribute

  • Added Insatiably Lustful Wicked Attribute (trait)

Want to be annoyed with your Sim being overly flirty and constantly looking to have sex with someone? That's what the Insatiably Lustful attribute will provide.

At this moment Insatiably Lustful Sims aren't that assertive with their approach, but they do come with needs that will make them miserable if not fulfilled. Lack of sex will continuously make them more and more uncomfortable and lack of variety or trying will reduce satisfaction and introduce boredom. Although masturbation won't reduce the need for sex, it will slow it down.

Additionally, the Insatiably Lustful attribute comes with new social interactions that have special behavior when performed by NPC Sims.


Shy Wicked Attribute

  • Added Shy Wicked Attribute (trait)

I hope the name Shy won't be too confusing or displeasing to most of you as I couldn't come up with a better name to capture this behavior modifying attribute. Most Sims are very open and exceptionally confident, which allows for easy storytelling, but what if you want the limit some things? That's the goal of the Shy attribute.

Shy Sims like the same thing as everybody else, but in moderation, which limits their nudity confidence in public, sex location selection outside the home, and even being flirty around others. Sounds kind of like any regular person, huh?

To include some technical details. The Shy attribute prevents autonomous flirting around other Sims (but it's poly compatible), prevents situational nudity from happening, greatly limits nudity confidence, and prevents public/outdoor sex locations from being picked.


Casual Romantic Wicked Attribute

  • Added Casual Romantic Wicked Attribute (trait)

Serious relationships? That's not for me! The Casual Romantic Wicked Attribute changes how romance behaves, preventing being able to increase real Romance, but instead advance in Casual Romance.

Casual Romance is just like real Romance, you still get to have fun with all of the romantic social interactions, including having your first kiss, but it cannot lead to a relationship. Imagine being intimate with someone, but you never consider being romantically involved, it's just for fun.

Casual Romantics are still able to have serious relationships by making an exception, but be careful, switching back and forth can lead to unpleasant moments.



Inviting to Bed

  • Added 'Ask to Join in Bed' interaction for sleeping Sims

Ever got annoyed when a Sim invited to stay the night won't sleep with you in the same bed? Of course you did, why else would I invent this scenario. Now when your Sim is in bed, you can click on a Sim you want to join you and Ask to Join in Bed.

The option to Ask to Join in Bed will appear when your Sim is sleeping in a double bed and the clicked Sim is allowed to sleep with your Sim. Being allowed follows the base game rules which typically require an established relationship or after sex.


Pregnancy Termination

  • Added social interaction to 'Ask to Consider Terminating Pregnancy'

Perhaps things got a bit more complicated than you expected or a Sim is simply pregnant when you don't want them to be. Instead of switching to control them or using cheat menus, you can just ask them to consider terminating the pregnancy. Their response will depend on your relationship and their view on family values. Once they leave the lot, their pregnancy will be automatically terminated as if they went to a clinic.


Convince to Have Sex [University Expansion Pack]

  • Added the ability to convince Sims to have sex

Convincing could be as powerful as some of the magical and technological powers Sims can obtain, but throw in some money and it might be even more powerful. Any Sim with at least level 8 of the Research and Debate skill can now attempt to convince other Sims to have sex with them.


Sex Autonomy

  • New sex autonomy location choosing logic

I could explain to you how the previous sex autonomy location choosing logic worked and compare it to this new one, but that would be boring and a waste of time. Who even reads these descriptions anyway, I know you all just look at the pictures 😜

A lot of you asked how sex autonomy picks locations, or just tell me how it's not that great at doing it, so let me tell you how it will work from now on and we can improve upon it together.

First Sims pick a few rooms at the lot, and then from the top best picked rooms they pick an object (or floor) within them to start sex on.
Here's mostly what Sims consider in simple terms:
Sex Intended Objects — Rooms with a sex sign, claimed ownership of objects, or configured increased autonomy on objects are always a prioritized choice.
Prioritized Beds — Rooms that are bedrooms are a prioritized choice, especially if a claimed bed is present (that didn't work before, oops).
Sims Presence — The room containing Sims considering sex is more likely to be picked, while rooms with other Sims present are unlikely to be picked. As an exception, rooms with sex occurring in them are more likely to be picked during sex events.
Sims Distance — Rooms that are far away from Sims considering sex are less likely to be picked, while rooms that are nearby are more likely to be picked. Distance checking works significantly better now.
Bad Spaces — Kitchens and kids rooms are always considered as an unlikely choice. Living rooms, bathrooms, and other custom room types are always considered as extra choices after bedrooms. Some venue types have extra limitations, like kitchens at restaurants.
Open Sky — Outdoor spaces are unlikely to be picked unless an involved Sim is an exhibitionist, and then it still depends on the weather.
Questionable Privacy — Rooms with a lot of doors, staircases, or half-walls/fences are unlikely to be picked.
Size Matters — Very small rooms (7 or fewer tiles) and very big rooms (72 or more tiles) are unlikely to be picked.

Which object within a room is chosen depends on how many animations it has and configured sex autonomy preference.

This new implementation comes with fewer complex settings, as I want to first hear your opinion on its default behavior. And it cannot choose locations that are off lot or not within a contained space outdoors. I will bring these two things back once this new implementation is sufficient. Let me know if you believe these rules need improvement in regard to how you play your game.


  • Added Floor Sex Marker object

Using the Floor Sex Marker you can precisely establish multiple spots for autonomous floor sex per room.
If you want Sims to only use these spots for autonomous sex on the floor, enable the 'Only Allow Floor Sex on Floor Sex Markers' setting in Sex Settings -> Sex Autonomy Settings -> Sex Autonomy Awareness.



Sim Tuner

  • Added Sim Tuner

Sim Tuner is an attempt at providing more easy and quick access customization options for individual Sims. Instead of changing settings that affect all Sims or letting a feature decide the outcome, you can use the Sim Tuner.

Usually I prefer to add traits, gameplay mechanics, or feature-specific switches, but certain things can't be done like that. Adjusting variables or changing technical behavior doesn't fit well into gameplay solutions. The Sim Tuner is still pretty technical and isn't necessarily that user-friendly, but it's better than no options or commands you don't remember.

At this moment Sim Tuner allows you to adjust any individual Sim nudity and undressing behavior, strip club behavior, attractiveness behavior, pregnancy behavior, and sex behavior. I hope the few options I have added for the start will be useful. Let me know what else you wish you could adjust, whether technical or just a cheat.



  • Added fruity sex moodlets

Because who doesn't like that nature's sweet juice 🍓🍌

  • Added 'Make a Move' directly on objects

Instead of using the 'Make a Move' social on a Sim and hoping they will find a good sex location, you can instead click on a location first, skipping some of the UI that's in the way.



Pregnancy / Menstrual Cycle

  • Made Birth Control pills a multi-use object
  • Made Chill Pills a multi-use object
  • Refreshed Birth Control pills object model

I find that some objects included in WickedWhims don't look that great anymore, and this applies to functionality being bad as well. So I've started a project of refreshing many of the less interesting or badly implemented objects. The goal is to provide better and more consistent visuals, especially for decorative purposes, and improve gameplay functionality.

The first object that received a refresh is Birth Control Pills. Instead of a box that unpacks into multiple sheets, you get a box with an exposed sheet that has multiple uses as each pill gets consumed. I think this object has much higher decorative value and streamlined functionality.

You will be told in-game about "Items Removed".



  • Added 'Keep Shoes for Workout' nudity undressing behavior setting

If you have nude workouts enabled, Sims will now by default keep their shoes on during any naked workout activity.




  • Moved WickedWhims friendly social interactions to the social friendly subcategory

In an effort to improve navigation through the new social subcategories, I have moved all of the friendly WickedWhims socials to be under the new Friendly -> Wicked subcategory instead of being under the Wicked category. I wanted to separate the mod functionalities from socials when clicking on Sims, make the flow of finding them more intuitive, and prepare for adding more custom socials.

  • Add support for base game wants, event goals, and scenario goals

And yet, there are still no whims in WickedWhims.

  • Removed in-game anonymous feedback functionality

After receiving over 23000 feedback messages since late 2021, I'm removing this functionality. I appreciate everyone sending their messages, but unfortunately what I typically received wasn't that useful, although very humorous. The more problematic cases were feedback messages from people who needed assistance or clarification, which this system could not provide, and I just found that frustrating. If someone has something to say in private, send me an email that I can respond to.



————— v178b [2024-02-19] —————

  • Improved Lovense sex devices connection reliability
  • Fixed some errors when your Sims are away and Lovense sex toys are connected
  • Moved Flashing to the Mischief social category
  • You can now tell pets to Go Away during sex
  • Improved sex autonomy locations choosing to work on one-room lots

Some of you have lots, especially City Living apartments, that are just one massive connected room. This really confused the new system, so there's now an additional fallback system that attempts to "scavenge" for any valid room it can find when all fails.



————— v178c [2024-02-28] —————

  • Compatibility with the 1.105.297 (February 27th) game patch

✔️ WickedWhims is now ONLY compatible with the 1.105.297 (February 27th) game patch!

  • Next sex animation button tooltip now displays if the animation is a favorite
  • Sims having sex will now leave groups (ensembles) to remove the group diamond above their heads
  • Fixed solo sex autonomy not respecting disabled venue types


.     .     .


Common Issues

💡 Did you know that with every new release of WickedWhims, the most error reports I receive is from users that didn't update to a compatible version of Nisa's Wicked Perversions?
❗ If the penis is appearing floating/stretched/distorted (even when Sim is not having sex) then you need to delete incompatible/outdated mods affecting tongues and/or penises. Check out the list of known files causing issues.
❗ Make sure to not save while on the Manage Worlds screen. Due to a game inconsistency, saving the game on the Manage Worlds screen creates faulty save slots that cannot be properly recognized by mods. No worries though, in case you do it, correcting it is very simple and explained with an in-game notification.



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