Update – WickedWhims v179a (Panties Edition)

Supported game versions:
1.105.345 (March 6), 1.106.148 (April 16)


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Hey! And hello to the month of April 🐣 For this occasion I have a special release to share with you. This was a challenge project to finish before the end of March that I could release specifically today. And I made it on time! So I hope you enjoy it! 💜


————— v179a [2024-04-01] —————


  • Introduced Panties Collecting
  • Added ability to sniff panties
  • Added new Wicked Attribute — Weirdo
  • Added new Lot Trait — Weirdos Hangout

That's right, you didn't ask for any of this, but I delivered anyway 😋

Collecting panties is a new activity any Sim can participate in for fun, trying to complete the collection like any other collectible in the game. If you so desire, collected panties can be sniffed, for fun too of course. And then there's Weirdos involved in all of this, how fitting. Read more details below!


Oh, you dropped something...

Be on the lookout! Whenever NPC Sims are having sex, you might just see one of them drop their underwear onto the floor as they undress. Don't waste that opportunity! Sneak up on them and snatch their panties for your own pleasures... of collecting that is.

Or you can try searching through dressers, lockers, or laundry to find panties that way too. But be careful to not get caught doing it!


Collect Them All

There are 10 unique underwear designs to find and complete the collection! Depending on your approach it might be easy to collect them all, but I won't reveal any details on how to find specific ones, you need to figure it all out yourself.


Personalized Possessions

All collected panties that end up in your Sim inventory were owned by another Sim, and depending on how you obtained them, they come as clean, worn, or worse 🤢 But what's the point of keeping all of the collected panties?


*Sniff Sniff*

The reason panties were made for, sniffing. Don't be ashamed, I know you thought of doing it. You thought of doing it a lot actually. Maybe too much. But I got your freaky fantasies covered! Sniff panties of past sexual partners to reminisce or sniff panties of strangers to help develop new sexual fantasies.


Weirdo Sims Sightings

Do I mean weird? No, find me a Sim that isn't weird. I mean weirdo, like... an enthusiast of something. That could be anyone, smelly Sims that like hanging out at a garbage dump, a bunch of snarky thick glasses nerd Sims at an arcade, some quirky homeless Sims, or just your neighbor Geoff. Sorry Geoff.

The Weirdo Wicked Attribute is intended for Non-Playable Sims.

Set up a lot with the 'Weirdos Hangout' Lot Trait and give distinct Sims in your world the 'Weirdo' Wicked Attribute for them to show up on that lot. It works really well when it's a Generic venue lot so only Weirdo Sims show up.

What do you do with these Weirdos? That's up to you, but I've heard they like trading stolen panties with each other. You might even encounter them doing it at night somewhere in any of the worlds. Why would they be hanging out at night like that?


Thank you!

Completing this project wouldn't be possible without help from other talented creators who responded positively to my bizarre idea and worked very fast.

⭐ Thanks to Magicsouce (Instagram) for all of the underwear textures and icons artwork.
⭐ Thanks to Beto (Patreon & WickedCC) and Blue Craving (Patreon & WickedCC) for underwear 3D models.
⭐ Thanks to wild_guy (Patreon & WickedCC) for sniffing animations.

Magicsouce worked non-stop for a month to get all of the pretty artwork finished. Blue Craving helped materialize the idea of panties 3D model which was taken over by Beto to finalize their look both on the ground and for sniffing. Then wild_guy animated sniffing with multiple outcome variants which completed the feature. And thank you to everyone who helped me with suggestions, writing, and feedback too!


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Looking to see what actually recently changed and was added to WickedWhims?
Check out the previous WickedWhims release post.


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Common Issues

💡 Did you know that with every new release of WickedWhims, the most error reports I receive is from users that didn't update to a compatible version of Nisa's Wicked Perversions?
❗ If the penis is appearing floating/stretched/distorted (even when Sim is not having sex) then you need to delete incompatible/outdated mods affecting tongues and/or penises. Check out the list of known files causing issues.
❗ Make sure to not save while on the Manage Worlds screen. Due to a game inconsistency, saving the game on the Manage Worlds screen creates faulty save slots that cannot be properly recognized by mods. No worries though, in case you do it, correcting it is very simple and explained with an in-game notification.



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