Update – WickedWhims v180b

Supported game versions:
1.105.345 (March 6), 1.106.148 (April 16), 1.107.161 (June 6)


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🟣 Update information about additional fixes & improvements to this release is located to the bottom.


————— v180b [2024-06-07] —————



  • Sims now move away from ongoing sex to not obstruct it
  • Fixed occult-specific sex animations almost always failing to work
  • Slightly decreased chances of sex autonomy happening from romancing


Sex Party

  • Inviting more than 20 Sims to a sex party now works
  • Fixed Sims asking to have sex during a sex party way too often



  • Decreased panties drop chance from sex
  • Increased chance of receiving new panties from trading


  • Fixed Wicked Attributes reminder displaying constantly on new saves
  • Fixed "Wicked Icon Sims" sometimes not getting removed from the game

Use the 'ww.fix' command to clean up the ones that are already in your game.

  • Added 'ww.reset_sim_jewelry' command for Sims with stuck Crystal Creations jewelry
  • Improved compatibility with DX11


————— v180a [2024-05-18] —————


Wicked Attributes

  • Improved Wicked Attributes randomization
  • Introduced Wicked Attributes Default Distribution
  • Moved giving Wicked Attributes to other Sims to the Wicked Attributes Controls menu
  • Added reminder notification about Wicked Attributes for new games

Wicked Attributes now come with the new Wicked Attributes Controls menu that offers better randomization functionality and default distribution of attributes.

With randomization you can select which kinds of Sims you want to randomize on, if you want to make any exceptions you can manually adjust individual Sims, select which attributes to randomize, and then configure how many attributes per Sim and the percentage of Sims that will receive attributes. This hopefully gives you absolute control over how you want to randomize attributes on any or all Sims in your world.

Default Distribution is for any new Sims that are being created in your world, automatically or manually. You can configure what kind of Sims to distribute on and the percentage chance for any attribute to be added to newly created Sims. Additionally you can prevent distributing on Sims that you create and then play or even distribute attributes as Sims age up.



  • Added quicker access to 'Playlists Controls' during sex
  • Added an ability to adjust penis size/tilt during sex
  • Improved sex autonomy dynamic floor location choosing (less clipping)
  • Fixed sex autonomy recognizing some rooms as inaccessible
  • Fixed sex parties and sex club gatherings not functioning correctly at home lots
  • Fixed Sims watching sex not realizing the sex location changed
  • Fixed not being able to interrupt sex watching Sims for a chat
  • Fixed the 'Stop This Sex' button not working when sex encounters an issue



  • Added 'NPC-NPC Pregnancy Switch' Pregnancy Setting
  • Added 'Elder Pregnancy Switch' Simple Pregnancy Setting (disabled by default)

If you don't want NPC Sims getting pregnant from having sex with other NPC Sims then you can now disable the 'NPC-NPC Pregnancy Switch' setting. This won't affect Player-NPC pregnancy.

And if you play with the Menstrual Cycle mode disabled and you don't want Elder age Sims getting pregnant then you can now disable the 'Elder Pregnancy Switch' setting. Actually, you don't need to disable it, that's now the default state.

Located at Pregnancy Settings ➜ Other Settings.



  • Fixed Sims interrupting their jobs to react to nudity
  • Fixed temporary overlays getting stuck on undressed Sims (facial masks, sickness effects)
  • Fixed outfit changing issues with the Crystal Creations stuff pack
  • Fixed dogs appearing distorted when going jogging on a lead

Strip Clubs

  • Allowed any employee to assign Strip Club dancers outfits

Passionate Romance

  • Socials directionality now respects chosen Sexual Roles


  • Fixed sniffing panties not checking for gender compatibility with attractiveness

Window Peeping

  • Fixed incorrect window height detection for window peeping


  • Fixed usage of pills and lube in inventory affecting the entire stack instead of individual items
  • Fixed child mannequins breaking after purchasing the outfit

Sex Animations [for animators]

  • Added 'animation_has_invisible_teeth' animation actors flag for hiding teeth

When making any animations that involve a Sim using their mouth you can now hide their teeth for improved visuals.

  • Added 'prop_scale' animation prop variable to adjust spawned props scale


  • Added a few new Shift-Click convenience cheat interactions
  • Using 'Disable Currently Playing Animation' interaction now automatically progresses to the next sex animation
  • Using 'Modify Currently Playing Animation Roles' interaction now automatically readjusts Sims or progress to the next sex animation
  • Added 'Test Sex Animation' debug interaction

If you're looking to test or preview sex animations, this debug interaction will create the necessary Sims and sex objects for your convenience. Remember to not save the game when using this.


.     .     .


Common Issues

💡 Did you know that with every new release of WickedWhims, the most error reports I receive is from users that didn't update to a compatible version of Nisa's Wicked Perversions?
❗ If the penis is appearing floating/stretched/distorted (even when Sim is not having sex) then you need to delete incompatible/outdated mods affecting tongues and/or penises. Check out the list of known files causing issues.
❗ Make sure to not save while on the Manage Worlds screen. Due to a game inconsistency, saving the game on the Manage Worlds screen creates faulty save slots that cannot be properly recognized by mods. No worries though, in case you do it, correcting it is very simple and explained with an in-game notification.



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