Updated: 2024-04-01

Supported game versions:
1.105.345 (March 6), 1.106.148 (April 16)


WickedWhims v179a

————— April 1st, 2024 —————

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Additional Sex Animations



Get on a bed, or on a sofa, or the floor, or anywhere you want to get freaky with anybody you want.

  • Experience thousands of sex animations from various creators and try animating yourself.

  • Fully controllable — invite, join, leave, swap, move, reposition, undress, and perform many other actions during sex.

  • Compose your own playlists, manage locations and animations, readjust context, and other delicate specifics.

  • Supports animated genitals, strapons, custom props, visual effects, special overlays, and other things to look at.

  • Undress individual pieces of clothing with support for underwear and dynamically transforming custom content outfits.

  • Become a Nudity Enthusiast, socialize about nudity with others, and grow nudity skills to increase confidence and unlock new options.

  • Give Exhibitionism a try and enjoy the thrill of flashing others.

  • Style and maintain dynamically growing pubic hair.


Don’t be shy, Undress anything you want at any moment without censorship getting in the way.


Whether you like them big, affectionate, or sticky; You can adjust preferences and behavior to your liking.

  • Live in a world of Attractiveness where everyone has their own style and preferences that influence, encounters, storytelling, and even lewd dreams.

  • Make a good Impression by sharing your unique view of the world in hopes to find like-minded individuals.

  • Expand, modify, solidify, or even avoid relationships with many special traits like Polyamorous, Eternally Faithful, or Asocial.

  • Become Casual Sex Partners with someone and receive booty calls.

  • Experience the magic of a fully-featured Menstrual Cycle with PMS, periods, bleeding, tampons, pads,  and variable fertility.

  • Keep track of fertility by using the Period Tracker app and the Fertility Awareness Test.

  • Avoid pregnancy by using condoms and birth control pills or terminate an accidental pregnancy.


Birthing people can play with the extra challenge of managing a menstrual cycle.


Run a fully playable business with your own club and dancers.

  • Begin your adventure with the fully playable Strip Club business.

  • Pick a location, hire dancers, place dancing poles, designate lap dancing spots, and let the clients enjoy the view.

  • Invite clients to buy a drink, manage supplies quantity and quality, and keep the place clean.

  • Requires the Get to Work expansion pack.

  • Watch bodies get all shiny from sweat when working out or having sex.

  • Peep into Windows for a chance to see someone naked or having sex.

  • Use the Nudist Hangout lot trait to make everyone more open to being naked.

  • Manipulate nudity autonomy behavior with Build/Buy signs.


Additional nudity features, traits, settings, and activities.

  • Encounter random occurrences of nudity in the wild, like naked yoga, losing a piece of a swimsuit, or putting a towel too low after a bath.

  • Get creeped out by Creeps that show up to stare at your naked presence in public.


Additional sex features, traits, settings, and activities.

  • Enjoy watching others have sex, and if you’re really into it, consider equipping the Cuckold trait.

  • Increase your chances with the Sexually Alluring reward store trait or exclude yourself from sex with the Sexually Abstinent trait.

  • Control any and all NPCs with a cheat setting to make everybody have sex everywhere.

  • Manipulate sex autonomy behavior with Build/Buy signs, the Hypersexual lot trait, and the Sex Control menu.

  • Layers of Cum on bodies appear after or during sex with the ability to control it.

  • Contract, spread, and medicate the Crabs STD.

  • Turn on your TV or computer and watch porn with the ability to “release the pressure”.

  • Plan Sex Party social events with different themes like Swingers, Watchers, Impregnation, or Masturbation.

  • Experience 40+ flavors of satisfaction moodlets, sentiments, context moodlets, and other effects.

  • Customize the sexual experience with many traits like Cum Slut, Selfish Lover, or Generous Lover.

  • Control all features with settings.

  • Acquire new traits using the Wicked Attributes personalization menu.

  • Keep track of everything you learn with the Wicked Notebook tab.

  • Use Sims Protocols for altering sex, nudity, relationship, and other behaviors.


Special and technical features, settings, and functionalities.


Many packs offer additional functionality to play with, but you don’t need to own any of them.

  • Get Together — Create clubs that are all about having sex or nudity.

  • Vampires & Realm of Magic — Manipulate the world of sex and nudity with magical powers.

  • Get to Work — Upgrade the SimRay to manipulate the world of sex and nudity.

  • Seasons — Establish official holidays that involve sex or nudity.

  • Discover University — Influence your grades by convincing your professor using naughty tactics.

  • Get Famous — Be careful when being lewd in public, that can cost you your reputation.

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