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New or improved traits, events, careers, socials, usable items, reactions, or anything else that’s interactive, all content that includes new gameplay functionality, whether complex or simple, classify as Mods.


Animations and poses for sexual and non-sexual use, whether new or overrides, classify as Animations.


Muscles, breasts, penises, vaginas, feet, or any other body models and details, whether new, improved, or overrides, classify as Body.


Classy, sexy, skimpy, erotic, revealing, exotic, themed, or any other new clothing classify as Clothing.


Hair, facial hair, tattoos, makeup, body details, overlays, jewelry, glasses, piercings, or any other new decorative body accessory classify as Accessories.


Devices, toys, props, or any other kind of new placeable or usable object classify as Objects.


Translations for any content available on WickedCC classify as Translations.


Tray files, tools, templates, tutorials, or anything that doesn’t fit existing categories but benefits the adult modding community classify as Other.

Questions & Answers

I am an adult content creator, how do I share my content?

Please visit the Contact page and send us a message about your content. We would like to learn about your projects, try them out ourselves, and decide if what you’ve created fits WickedCC.

Who is the owner of WickedCC?

WickedCC is owned by TURBODRIVER.