Mods Installation


1. Mods are installed at Documents 🠞 Electronic Arts 🠞 The Sims 4 🠞 Mods.
2. Place PACKAGE and TS4SCRIPT files into the Mods directory.
3. Startup game, enable ‘Custom Content’ + ‘Script Mods’ in Game Settings 🠞 Other.

Mods Directory Location

The majority of downloaded mods will be installed at:
Documents 🠞 Electronic Arts 🠞 The Sims 4 🠞 Mods

  • – You are required to turn on the game at least once after installation for the Mods folder to be created.
  • – Make sure to not modify or delete the Resource.cfg file.
  • – You might encounter issues if you’re using a file synchronization service like Microsoft OneDrive. It’s advised to disable it for the Mods folder.

Installing Mods Files

Place PACKAGE and TS4SCRIPT files into the Mods folder.

  • TS4SCRIPT files cannot be in more than one sub-folder, or the game will fail to load it.
  • – Mods might require updating after major game patches. Organize your Mods folder for easier updating and cleanup in the future.
  • – Downloaded archive files (.zip, .7z, .rar) have to be opened or extracted to access PACKAGE and TS4SCRIPT files.

Enabling Mods In-Game

‘Enable Custom Content and Mods’ + ‘Script Mods Allowed’ has to be checked at Game Options 🠞 Other. Remember to Apply Changes.

  • – After enabling mods in Game Options, you are required to restart the game for the mods to load.
  • – Major game patches uncheck the ‘Enable Custom Content and Mods’ setting. You are required to check it again.
  • – Click the ‘View Custom Content’ button to see the list of all loaded mod files. The mods you want to use should appear on that list.