Anarcis’ Animations for WickedWhims

Updated: 2024-04-22

I am creating animations for TurboDriver's WickedWhims and have been for a while now. My focus is story- and context-driven animations that enhance whatever sort of game you are playing. All animations are tuned to be as flexible as possible, be they for female-on-male sims, male-on-male, female-on-female, or every possible variant thereof. I pay special attention to lead-in and group animations! I want my animations to sync up with the spirit of the game itself AND whatever weird and interesting thing you are doing!

At the moment this pack contains over 1500 animations or so... it's a lot! I add multiple animations per week on my Patreon, before releasing them for free later here on and on LoversLab. I accept requests as well, so if you've something in mind, let's put our heads together and see what we come up with!

Latest Update: 22-04-2024: Added previously Patreon-exclusive animations Tender Couch Fucking, Phone Porn 1: Coast Clear (F variant), Skinny Dipping 2: Jitters, Wife Swap 4: Glimmer of Hope, Lasciviously Lesbian Licking, Monkeying About 4: Core Strength Cunnilingus, Quick Finger 3: Furious Fingerbang, Blowjob Buddies, Happy Foreplay, Initiate Spitroast, Sexy Gyrations, Callously Cuckolded 5: Please Stop This!, Dildo Session 5: Orgasmic Finish, Entered Doggy-Style, Three on One, or One on Three?!

My animations include but are not limited to:

Massive eight-person sex parties!
Curious Cuckolding interactions!
Hypnotic Vampire sequences!
juice-fueled dorm orgies!
Special celebrity interactions! Groupies!
Sensitive seductions!
Humiliating 'caught' interactions!
Rough play!
Alien probes!
'Messing Around' enhancements!
Slumber parties gone wrong!
Seasonal/celebratory sex interactions!
Monstrous Werewolf series!
Loose club sluts for your dance floor!
Olympian Gym Bangs!
Moods-driven sex interactions!
Swinging sims that probably shouldn't swing!
Ghostly Ghost series!
Mechanical servo sex!
Impractical usage of giant vegetables!
Handsy medical procedures!
Sex spells for sex wizards!
Sensual midnight swims!
Gang bangs! And Reverse Gang Bangs!
Virgin interactions!
Sweltering Sauna orgies!
Drunken mistakes!
And much... MUCH more!

Requirements and Usage:

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