Buffing Up! Animated Interaction

Updated: 2023-07-19

Requires XML injectorhttps://scumbumbomods.com/s/XmlInjector_v4_high_school_patch_fix.zip

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I made a simple mod just for fun.

  • Added simself new interacton on the pie menu "Buffing Up!" with my own animations and a maxis match new custom icon.

How it works :

  • Your sim need to be a male.
  • Your sim need to be a young adult, adult or elder.
  • Your sim need to have fitness skill level of 10.
  • Your sim need to have the active trait. Your sim can't use it if he's lazy.

Others sims will react to the poses if :

  • They are sexually attracted by males sims.
  • They are teens or older.
  • The interaction will never play autonomously.
  • The interaction can’t be cancelled, but it’s not too long so shouldn’t be disruptive.

It Works best with my pectoral jiggles tops unlock for males.

NSFW compatible :

The mod has WW interaction ; your sim will undress his top and the penis is animated if they are already nude. They will get an erection if they weren't already hard.

Installation :

Put the .package into your mods folder with the XML injector.

Known issue :

None, been fixed.

New to installing mods? Check out the Mods Installation guide.
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