Khlas Sex Animations

Updated: 2024-05-14
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Changelog :

Added 3 new sex animations :

- Selfie Dick Tease : Teasing animation on floor

- Cockworship Balls sucking oraljob floor

- Cockworship throatfuck Climax floor

Added missing additionnal animation file required for the new animations.


New meshes :

- Added new penis mesh with functional anus "Hugo Big Penis" "Hugo Big Pierced Penis" "Hugo Big Flaccid Penis".

- Added male top mesh for bottom with lewd functionalities.


Do not redistribute ;

Do not resell it ;

Do not convert it ;

Do not use any assets in a way not intended by myself ;

Ask permissions always if you want to do anything with my stuff other than using it as I intended.

PLEASE Credit me if you use my animations. I still see people using them on twitter or whatever without giving any credit, please respect my work. 

Thank you!





I'm Khlas, I started animating around one year ago. I'm also the creator of the rig from WickedWhims that unlock animations for Anus, Vagina and Butt, and created the tongue prop rig. It was a collab project with Turbodriver and Noir, tho I started working on it completely alone way before and it was entirely for personal use, but I think it's better to make it profit for everyone.


The animations are mostly focused for Males on males only. With my own sounds, sounds from the game, own effects, effects from the game, and made entirely by hand with blender and s4studio using my own workspace and rig.


- I unlocked meshes for males that let their pectoral being animated. It's included on the files, meshes from others creators I converted to be able to be animated/used during animations (credit to their author) you need to select them with the body selector, and that's it. They will jiggle with animations that are compatible. It's also compatible with BS boobies jiggle mod from tonicmole.

Installation :


Unzip and install everything in your mods folder.

How to unzip files :


You can access to the list of animations here :


However the list is incomplete, for others available animations, refers to the updated download page. I will edit that page whenever I update my mods with new stuff soon.


In order to display the animations properly, you need a Large penis model on your top male sim, and then using the Wickedwhims sliders (100 lenght, 60-80 girth).

Happy simming.


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Hey I create gay stuff Modder/Animator