Standing male peeing animation replacer

Updated: 2023-07-09


I replaced the male peeing animations from the base game (toilet male stand peeing animations) and from WickedWhims, for exhibitionnist sims that can pee on exterior. The animation is made entirely from scratch by me and doesn't use any maxis assets.

The male peeing animation always bugged me, the male was looking in front of him instead of his own penis, and the penis from the WW animation was weirdly animated because it stayed hard.

Unfortunately replacing maxis animations has some limitations, especially on loops animations that need to stay as short as possible to avoid gameplay annoyance, so the animations are quite short to fit this requirement.

I also replaced the peeing on toilet, tho this one works differently because the penis is not automatically hard, and it needs the penis to be hard for the penis animation to works correctly.

Notes : 

  • Animation should work fine with any sims with any shapes.
  • Animation has best result with sims well endowed, tho it works with any penises. 
  • Butt and pec are slightly animated, but it's barely noticeable.
  • Foreskin animation only for uncut compatibles penises updated for the new rig (wickedwhims base included).


Consider supporting me on Patreon, animations takes a lot of time so if you want to see more it's a great way to do so!

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