Love Bites or Odaxelagnia is a paraphilia involving sexual arousal through biting or being bitten. Odaxelagnia is considered a mild form of sadomasochism. Required: XML Injector What it does: Replace the “Recently Bitten” Moodlet with a custom Flirty Moodlet while keeping the lock-out timer. Autonomous Romantic Socials: Offer to Bite, Beg to be Bitten, & […]

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Sex Addict or Hypersexuality: Sexual addiction or hypersexuality is defined as a dysfunctional preoccupation with sexual fantasy, often in combination with the obsessive pursuit of casual or non-intimate sex; pornography; compulsive masturbation; romantic intensity, and objectified partner sex for a period of at least six months. ~ Symptoms of Hypersexual Disorder (Sex Addiction) by PyschCentral What […]

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This is 1 of 6 Adult-oriented traits for Wicked Whims. They are remakes of Maemma’s reward traits for Wicked Whims. I am remaking them because I noticed the original Post is no longer on Loverslab. It appears as though the creator has retired or quit. || Requires Wicked Whims || What You Get: [Romance] Express […]

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Have you heard of Nisa’s Wicked Perversions? If you said yes, I have designed something rather interesting. Do you know about the Pheromonal Flower trait? Ever wanted a version with a bit more Love and much less Drug(basemental) involvement? Requires: Wicked Whims What You Get: Default “Hot & Bothered” Flirty Moodlet [Romance] Is that You? […]

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