Coach – Set

Updated: 2024-04-02

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Outfit information

- Compatible with "Undressable" from WickedWhims

(You need to download  V1 AND V2)

  • Penis made by Noir and Dark, You need to download the Skin penis to be able to change the color of the penis
  • The accessory version of the V2 pants is located on bracelets. It is compatible with all penises and sexual animations

- Male Only

- Teens, Young Adults, Adults and Elders

- Custom Thumbnails

- Compatible with base game

-New Mesh

- All Lods

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By Beto - Coach (Shorts V1)
By Beto - Coach (Top V1)
By Beto - Coach (Shorts V2)
By Beto - Coach (Shorts V3)
By Beto - Coach (Top V2)
By Beto - Coach (Shorts V3 CC)
By Beto - Skin Penis (Noir and Dark)


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