Nyotaimori Set

Updated: 2024-06-19

As per request: body sushi. Set comes with two CAS sushi outfits (1 male, 1 female) for your sim to wear while performing the nyotaimori sex anim (for Wicked Whims) on the large kotatsu (if you have Snowy Escape) or any long table from the base game. I've also included a recolour for the kotatsu (will only work if you have Snowy Escape EP).

Note: animation will only work with Wicked Whims, can be found under teasing category for long tables or the Snowy Escape kotatsu. Unfortunately, sushi is inedible and this is mainly useful for phototaking, but if you time it right then your sims can sit around the table and eat snacks over the naked sim's body. I'd love to figure out a way to make sushi edible, but at the moment that requires scripting knowledge that is beyond me.

To use: Only compatible with WW. If you have Snowy Escape, place all the files in your mods folder. If you don't, then you can skip the file named 'SMSims-nyotaimorilargekotatsuecolour' as it is just a kotatsu recolour, but place everything else in your mods folder. In game, dress your desired sim up appropriately in the sushi outfit. Place your table of choice, click on it to select WW sex anims, and under Teasing animations you should find the Nyotaimori animation for both male and females to use. The animation is a simple pose loop of opening the eyes, tilting head and raising the leg slightly. Sims should be able to take a seat around the sim as normal.

Mesh: all LODs, 100% new
Textures: 100% new, HQ enabled

Model Credits:
Skin & Makeup:
NorthernSiberiaWinds, Sims3Melancholic, Obscurus

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