FlirtyFetishes: BDSiM

Updated: 2024-03-15


Are your Sims tired of the

same three relationships:

Friendly, Romance, and Dislike? 

Do they no longer enjoy the sexual activities they once did? 
Do they experience emotional discomfort and pain but like it? 
If you and your Sims find the average 24-minute day mundane and boring, help is available.


Hi. I’m EllaNoir, the creator of the expanding BDSM mod for The Sims 4, FlirtyFetishes: BDSiM.


This NSFW mod has been put together with your Sims in mind because everyone knows when your Sims are horny, you are too. 


So put down that cowplant and download

FlirtyFetishes: BDSiM today!



*No requirements necessary, Wicked Whims suggested

*Compatible with ALL UPDATED Mods--seriously, please make sure all your mods are the most current versions to avoid errors! 

For EARLY ACCESS, Discord quick support, and feedback, come to my Patreon. New features are added every month! 

For public support and/or to follow for updates, see my X page.

For the FlirtyFetishes: BDSiM Guide to help you get started, check out this.




Please replace outdated .package and  TS4SCRIPT files with current versions and the most recent date.

Date: March 20, 2024 Game Version: 1.105.345.1020


-Masochist Trait is available in the Rewards Store or Wicked Attributes in Wicked Whims by Turbodriver. 

-Dominant Beginner Skill Book has reappeared and is functional. 


-Master/Mistress and slave Traits


New to installing mods? Check out the Mods Installation guide.