[BDP] Big Dick Problems

Updated: 2024-02-29

Changelog :

Added Alpha1.7_5.0 version of BDP. 

Added compatibility for Patch 1.105.297 (Crystal Creations)

Alpha version features :

- Added "Sit with manliness", "shake your "tail"", "measure the penis" new interactions for sims with the big dick trait.

"Sit with manliness" and others will be expanded with new gameplay features in the future.


- Added : "pee with manliness" interaction on toilet, toilet stall or while clicking on the sim under the "Big Dick" pie menu. The sim need to have the Big Dick trait from the wicked attributes. The undress/dressing is more accurate with this version.

The pee with manliness doesn't conflict with the male pee override replacer, but you can also remove the override if you want so you can have the maxis behavior and my pee interaction at the same time. Keep in mind the pee with manliness is only available to sims with a big dick at the moment if you decide to remove the override.

If you pee on floor (while clicking on the sim), the animation will endless loop until you cancel it. I wanted to fix it but then decided to let as it is.

- Added Sit with manliness with your phone interaction. Increased social + fun motives a bit when used. It's a quick variation I did from the base one. 

- The LE error from the bdp log should not happen anymore.

- Added support for others mods, mostly mods that want to make the XXL condoms object work as a sellable product.

I made a new adjusted (also with some changes) pee animation to fit the new toilet from "For Rent" expansion pack. By default, males sims are squatting while peeing with those kind of toilet, but irl men also pee standing on those toilet too. So you now have both options as long as you are playing with a sim with a big dick trait.


- Fixed BDP scripts. Added/fixed and cleared some cheats codes for your convenience.

You have to type "bdp.help" in the cheat console then you can get multiple different cheat codes you can use.

Note : Not all cheats are working, you will get an error message for the ones that doesn't work. But the most requested ones should work fine.


- Sims will have the Phallophobia hidden trait if they dislike any kind of penis. They will get a fear mood if they are near a sim with a big dick.


- Fixed rare occurence nightmares. Sometimes your Size queen or sims with a big dick will have nightmares (very rare chance to occur).


- Added French translation.




Installation : Delete all files from BDP, install the BDP folder directly in your mod folder. Done.


This mod requires XML injector and Wickedwhims. 

Hello !

I fixed and added new things to a mod called Big Dick Problems (BDP), originally made by multiples creators that all abandonned it. I'm the 5th to take it over, and I will keep the name "sirsleepy" as an hommage in the files.


Special thanks to Turbodriver (scripts fixes related to WW), Thunder (helped me to dealwith tuning more efficiently), frankk, panckie and lot51 for their tools, lumpinou for help with tuning, and users that encouraged me to develop/fix it!

And ofc BareButt6857, Strawrberry, Mistkae and sirlseepy for creating the original mod.
Thanks for all translators of the mod.
Thanks to Kazu for original icon I modified, and others icons authors from others sources.


Added : 

  • Made the confident moodlet to get a big dick hidden, and not influencing emotions anymore. To know if your sim has a big dick, go to the trait panel.
  • Appropriate likes/dislikes dick sizes added automatically for Size Queen sims, and attempt to remove the Size Queen as reward (to make it more as a choice than a thing imposed). Download only that build and replace all the files with them (delete everything first, install).


I fixed more than 50 tunings and some lines on scripts related to that mod, and started to remove things that sounds borderline racist to me so the mod is cleaner.

I tried my best to remove those without breaking the original mod, but it may still appear in the mod. It's why I included a .config file you have to put in your mod folder so everything should be removed and not appear in your game just in case I missed something.

I fixed all LE and "soft locked" bug as far as I know.

I also added a new feature with gameplay, sending dick picture to others sims, with my own animation included. But be aware of negative outcome if you send it to the wrong sims.


How it works :


  • You need to add one of the new wicked attributes from Wickedwhims : Big Dick DNA or Small Dick DNA. There is also a trait called Size Queen for sims that enjoy Big Dick. However, that trait can also be earn while having sex a lot of times with sims having a big dick dna.
  • Off-springs could inherits from the size of the dick of their parent when they became teens.
  • Sims with a Big Dick trait will get an hidden buff (used to be a confident moodlet but I decided to change it completely). It has many gameplay like having issue peeing while sitting, making others sims envious (especially those with a small dick) and more. There's too much things to list so it's probably better that you discover it yourself.
  • Sims with the small dick wicked attribute DNA


New feature :


  • Likes/Dislikes big dick/small dick influence gameplay features.


  • The feature that is influenced directly by those attractiveness trait you have to pick in CAS as shown above, or via the cheat command (shift + click on a sim, then under "Big Dick Problems") is the sending a dick pic to others sims. The interaction is fully animated.


  • If a sim with a big dick send a dick pic to someone that don't likes either dick size, the outcome will always be negative.


  • If a sim with a big dick send a pic to someone that likes big dick size, the outcome will be positive in general.


  • If a sim with a small dick send a pic to someone that likes small dick, the outcome will be positive in general.




  • Sims may also invite over your sim for some sexy action, there is a chance that this can happen after sending a dick pic and if the outcome is positive.


This feature is still experimental so I need you to try the mod in full and report if there's any bugs!

Future plans :

Adding back "Big Dick Energy" situation occurance. 
Removing more unnecessary tunings and cleaning them up.

Adding more custom animations and gameplay features.

Adding more big dick problems.

Changing icons so they are more gender neutral.

And more !


Do not redistribute
Do not reproduce
Do not do anything related to that mod without my permissions (if you want to translate, you are free to do so, but you can't re-publish this mod alongside your trad).

Translations :



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