Azmodan22 Dancing Poles with Animations

Updated: 2023-11-21

Azmodan22 Dancing Poles with Animations



This is a collection of Dancing Poles and 2 Caged Dancing Poles. The Poles come in a variety of colors and 3 different height, depending on the ceiling you use, Short, Medium and High so the poles will allways reach the ceiling. They also a soft requirement if you are interested in building a strip club. They also have a danving sequence and a coulpe of animations.


How to Use

To place the poles correctly remember that most animations will play in the front side of the pole, i.e. where the green arrow is.


Install Instractions

Simply unzip the file in your mods folder.



The available animation for the poles can be found here:

Azmodan22 WickedWhims Sex Animations



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