Azmodan22 Sex on the Stairs Rugs

Updated: 2023-11-21


Azmodan22 Sex on the Stairs Rugs


This is a set of rugs you can place in front of stairs so that your sims can have sex on the stairs. The rugs have a few colors and designs to choose from and 3 different widths: 1 Lane, 2 Lane and 3 Lane. In order for the animations to play correctly you must use the corresponding width with each staircase, 1 lane, 2 lanes or 3 lanes. There is also a short version of all three for stairs with less that 5 steps.


How to Use:

You must place the rug in front of the stairs with the green arrows (front side) pointing away from the stairs. To start the animation you must click on the rug, not the stairs.

Install instructions:

Simply unzip the file in your mods folder. You must install all files for the rugs to work correctly.

Animations :

The available animations for the rugs can be found here:

Azmodan22 WickedWhims Sex Animations



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