Wicked Perversions Changelog

Current Version: LL.3.3la

2/12/2024 Wicked Perversions WW Hotpatch LL.3.3k!

  • Hotpatch for the latest WW releases (v180+ for Patreon and v178a+ for public). Please make sure you update WW before installing this hotpatch!
  • Completely changed how Prostitutes pick sex locations under the hood. Removed the old Prostitute specific location type preferences.
  • Added support for picking sex locations in shared spaces on rental lots. Yes, that means you can now have prostitution locked rooms in shared spaces!
  • Fixed an issue breaking compatibility with other mods which adds peripheral traits to ww!

2/12/2024 Wicked Perversions WW Hotpatch LL.3.3ka!

  • Super quick small hotpatch to address an error with getting room structure data from orphaned objects on the lot while trying to start sex primarily through prostitution.

2/28/2024 Wicked Perversions WW Hotpatch LL.3.3l!

  • Good freaking gosh did the crystal creations pre-patch absolutely fuck my mod up! What broke? Everything. I’m too upset still to even think straight about this. The pre-patch hit a lot of modders and me by complete suprise. I’m sorry there was no usual public progress tracking post on my Patreon. Everything should be patched up now!

2/29/2024 Wicked Perversions WW Hotpatch LL.3.3la!

  • Due to differences in the piercing system between my dev and release builds, I missed transferring over a patch which caused an ‘apply_to_resolver’ LE for the piercing system. Fixed now!


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