Wicked Perversions Changelog

Current Version: LL.3.3m

07/24/2024 Wicked Perversions Lovestruck Hotpatch LL.3.3m!

  • Attn!!!! If you are using MCC then please update before installing this update!
  • First Patch for the Lovestruck Expansion! Note this is a partial patch! More things will likely need to be patched as WW patches for Lovestruck, Lovestruck releases, and I digest all the changes Lovestruck brings. But for now, this should prevent my mod from causing LEs in your game. I suggest using "save as" to save as a new save if you plan to play with an unpatched WW. Until WW is patched, it'll generate LEs and when it is, it may need another patch from my mod!!!! Don't worry, TURBO is working diligently to get it out to you guys!
  • Fixed a bug preventing Sensually Tight details from clearing on Occult Sims.


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