Script to scan for old CinErotique mod files (Windows only!)

If you are a bit sloppy in managing your Mods folder, you can use a little windows batch script I wrote to help you find any outdated CinErotique mod files that might be left lingering around in your Mods folder.

How to use it:

1.) Download the _SCRIPT_TO_SEARCH_FOR_OUTDATED_CINEROTIQUE_FILES_.bat file from below.
2.) Place the file in the root of your Sims 4 Mods folder.
3.) Run the script file.
4.) Follow the on screen instructions.

Note: the script (.bat) file is just a user friendly "GUI" for a "dir /b /s" search for all the outdated file names, then outputs the results into a txt file for easier reading. If you'd like to see what the code is before downloading, you can do it here.





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