BTTB 6 | Better Body for Men

Updated: 2023-11-21



Work with Whickedwhims by Turbodriver

→ For The Sims 4 Male Sims

→ Rigged

→ HQ Support

→ Wickedwhims's Body Selector Support

→ Improved Normal Map

→ Wickedwhims's Body Selector Support

→ Improved Normal Map

→ Defined Penis Vein





Option A - Non-Default Installation:

1. Choose Show in CAS or Hide in CAS and extract ZIP file.

2. copy and paste the Package file into Mods folder in DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 4Mods

The Non-Default version requires Wickedwhims to work.



- The top part will show in CAS or you can use Wickedwhim Body Selector.

- The bottom part will show in CAS as pants or you can use Wickedwhim Body Selector as well as the Top part.


Common Problem:

1. Black Penis

This should only happen when using BTTB 6 with incompatible Alpha Skin. To fix this you will need Color Blend Tool. Download it on  and scroll down to the bottom.

2. Floating Penis

This will happen if you install BTTB 6 Erect without Wickedwhims.  But all Soft versions should still be working (Wear it as a regular bottom part clothing in CAS).



What is Hide in CAS and Show in CAS?

Hide in CAS file helps you to organize your CAS item and BTTB 6 can take up your clothing slot in CAS as it will not show up in the clothing list in the right panel. BTTB 6 Hide in CAS can still be forced to display by unchecking the Masculine fashion choice in CAS item filter.

Watch BTTB 6 Force Show Hide In CAS Item.mp4 on how to force Hide In CAS item to show in CAS.



Shape and Size Collections:

1. BTTB 6 Top + Bottom  Collection 1 (Base File) Found in attachment in this post.

2. BTTB 6 Bottom Collection 2 XXL Erect/Soft No.1-3 Click

3. BTTB 6 Bottom Collection 3 XL Erect/Soft No.1-3 Click

4. BTTB 6 Top Collection 4 No. 1-6 Click

5. BTTB 6 Bottom Collection 5 M-XXL Erect Large Head Click

6. BTTB 6 Bottom Collection 6 Semi-Erect M-XXL Click

7. BTTB 6 Bottom Collection 7 Large Head Soft-Semi Click

8. BTTB 6 Top Collection 8 No. 1-8 Click

9. BTTB 6 Top Collection 8.5  No. 1-3 Click

10. BTTB 6 Bottom Collection 9 S Erect, Soft, Semi No.1-6 Click



1. Penis Vein Collection 1 No.1 Click

2. Penis Tip Color Collection 1 No.1-4 Click

3. Upper & Lower Trapezius Muscle Slider Click

4. Ultra Comfort Condom for BTTB 6 Click

5. Body Vein Collection 1 MK I Click

6. Pubic Hair 3D Collection 1 Click


Native Skin:

1. Native Skin MK I Click

2. Native Skin MK II Click

3. Native Skin MK III Click


More Collections and Add-ons can be found



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