Feline Penis

Updated: 2024-04-19

A custom WW body part for cat people, or any other monster/furry/fantasy sims you might have. Available for both masc and fem frame sims and designed more around my personal aesthetic preferences than any sort of realistic feline anatomy; it's got a sheath but doesn't retract far into it when soft, and when hard the head has subtle bumps/barbs depending on how you want to interpret it. They're intended to go with my updated feline skins and thus don't have a color overlay, but the UV is set up to make it fairly easy to create skins or overlays that work with them. Only medium size is currently included, but more are planned for the future. The soft version is rigged for SimMotion but doesn't require it.

For WIPs, more cc, feedback, and tech support, check my tumblr.

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