A set of nails for male and female sims, teen through elder. They have a custom mesh and are designed after cat claws, but useful for any other demons, tieflings, or monsters you might have. Found under nails, base game compatible. Natural and solid swatches are both found in the basic set, but themed sets […]

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My cat people obsession continues, and this time I bring you four-toed paw feet for your felines. They’re compatible with the new feline anatomy version of my feline skins (any with FA in the filename are compatible, the others are the old version designed for vanilla feet). They don’t necessarily require the skins though; they […]

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A custom WW body part for cat people, or any other monster/furry/fantasy sims you might have. Available for both masc and fem frame sims and designed more around my personal aesthetic preferences than any sort of realistic feline anatomy; it’s got a sheath but doesn’t retract far into it when soft, and when hard the […]

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A set of cat ears positioned to the side of the head for all life stages. As with all my cat stuff they’re color matched to my Feline Skins, but don’t require them as the ears have their own texture. Mesh and texture are both custom made by me. They’re located in skin details with […]

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A maxis match harness for masc frame sims in a total of 30 swatches. May make an accessory version later, but for the moment it can be found in the Clothing Top category in CAS. There’s some minor clipping with some animations/at fully maxed out sliders that I will hopefully be able to fix down […]

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The skins: A set of HD, Maxis-adjacent, WickedWhims-compatible skins and overlays for all your cat people needs. Featuring an abundance of colors and patterns, a hand-painted fur texture, and a design that should work with a variety of face shapes and body types and still scan as feline. The skintones are uploaded in a modular […]

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