Dreams Of Surrender – 1.05 (Crystal Creations)

Updated: 2024-03-04

Dreams Of Surrender

BDSM Dynamic Mod

This mod is intended to add another gameplay layer to Sims 4. It not only adds new interactions, skills, traits… but also integrates my old BDSM objects so that you can use them for both play & training.


The Barebones Requirements

Wicked Whims

Discreet Frame

"Atropos" Brainwashing Machine

Actual Requirements

All of my other uploads on this site are integrated into DoS unless stated otherwise on the download page. Check out the other stuff I´ve posted and download objects and clothing to play with.


Always make sure you have only the latest available version of any of my packages to prevent the mods from not working correctly.

If you already have some of my packages from other sources, including Loverslab, you will have to redownload anything and everything you want to use with DoS.

For full explanation of how the mod works, what the full requirements are and what features are currently only for the Patreon version, visit the full article on my wiki here.


This download contains the public release of DoS.

If you wish to support my work and get access to the Patreon version of the mod (new features sooner than the public version), you can sign up here.



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