Feline Skins 2.0

Updated: 2024-03-08

The skins:

A set of HD, Maxis-adjacent, WickedWhims-compatible skins and overlays for all your cat people needs. Featuring an abundance of colors and patterns, a hand-painted fur texture, and a design that should work with a variety of face shapes and body types and still scan as feline. The skintones are uploaded in a modular format categorized by pattern type for file size reasons (the screenshots are divided up the same way so refer to them to see what’s in each package).

The skins come in two versions:

  • The Feline Anatomy version (files with FA in the name) is intended for use with my custom body parts for cat people (linked below) and may have new coats and markings added in the future.
  • The Human Anatomy version (files with HA in the name) is designed to fit the vanilla body and/or default WW parts. They’ll also be more likely to fit any humanoid foot mesh replacements, provided the creator has adjusted the UV correctly. They’re semi-retired and won’t be receiving further additions, and some swatches may not be perfectly color matched to the tails and similar addons, but I will continue to maintain them if they’re broken by a future game patch as long as no significant overhauls are required.
  • The two versions aren’t compatible with each other, install only one at a time (you can mix and match the modules if you want, but you can’t have the HA and FA versions of the same module at the same time). They can, however, be swapped out from one version to another without breaking any feline sims you’ve already made, because they use the same swatch colors.

The markings:

White markings are in the form of modular tattoos that can be mixed and matched between chest, face, and each individual limb to create a massive number of unique cats. They’re currently teen–elder only, but a skin detail/birthmark version for younger life stages is in the works.

Recommended Addons:

I’ve made a variety of other stuff for cat people that’s meant to augment the skins; while none of it’s required, it’s all designed to work together and a lot of it is used in the screenshots. You can also check the feline CC tag on my tumblr to get more all-ages addons and any related objects/accessories.

Recommended but not created by me:

  • Bite Me Fangs by WildlyMiniatureSandwich (adds vampire teeth for more occults and life stages, including one that works very well for cat people)
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